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Do you have your tickets yet?

Our Perth show tickets are still available but only on line so go to and get your seat to hear our Brave cast speaking up to break the stigma surrounding mental Illness. Saturday October 28th 6:30pm - 8:30pm at ECU Mount Lalwley Campus.

Introducing Perth cast member Brendan Phillips

I'm Brendan, a Koori man from the Goldfields of Bendigo Victoria. As a child we grew up travelling up and down the east coast living in a caravan and missing lots of school. My mother and stepfather were alcoholics and there was regular family violence. I felt a sense of belonging in the Christian church from the age of 10. I also developed self acceptance through being a high achiever at school educating myself often when on travels. This led to me being a state champion runner, a physiotherapist, a successful business owner, an academic and home-maker with 3 children to a 20 year marriage. My self created world seemed secure and I was always busy keeping this world afloat. Then with divo

Introducing Perth cast member Rebecca Fingher

My name is Rebecca Fingher and I’m 18 years old. I’ve lived in Perth all my life with a massive family, with myself being the youngest of 4 siblings. I’m currently studying at WAAPA doing a Bachelor of Performing Arts and am absolutely loving every minute of it. I’ve suffered from depression since year 10 and in year 12 I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I have since undergone some courses at a clinic and gained some incredible skills that have equipped me with the right tools to manage and battle my BPD and depression. I wanted to be apart of this TIMBA journey as a way to create a normal conversation about mental health. To break the stigma, to achieve more comfort

Introducing Perth cast member Doreen Garlett

Doreen is an Aboriginal woman from the Perth region known as a Noongar. She comes from the Baldong clan and is very proud to be an Indigenous Australian and of her culture. Her passion is to reach out to Indigenous youth and encourage them to be strong minded. She is grateful for the privilege to work with you through her recovery and to be able to share her story.

Introducing Perth cast member Sharn Peskett

Hi, I'm Sharn Peskett and I come from a sheep station up north in the Murchison Region. I'm 26 and have lived in Perth for ten years, though I am a country girl through and through. I am the second youngest in a family of six. There's my mum Lynda, my dad Leith, older sister Jodi, older brother Ben and the newest member of our family, Azarlie, who is five and who keeps us all very busy! And then there is my partner Chris, who has stuck by me through the impossible and who is always there to catch me when i fall. I love them all very much and wouldn't be here without them. My mental illness has affected my life hugely and has basically shaped the last ten years of my life. It has severely lim

A Big Girl with a Bigger Mission Lauren's Story

Lauren is a person on a mission, a mission to help make sense of her niece's death. Her niece took her own life only 7 weeks ago. She was just 19. As anyone would in the face of such a devastating event, Lauren does not want her niece's death to be just another statistic so has started fundraising for Lifeline and Suicide Prevention Australia. Each month will be a different event culminating in a solo 230km bike ride from Gungahlin, ACT to Wagga Wagga, NSW, Her target is $20,000 to be split equally between Lifeline, SPA and her niece's family. You can help Lauren reach her target by going to her Facebook page

World Mental Health Day

It is World Mental Health Day. I spoke face to face today to someone whose family is suffering the anguish of the suicide of a loved one seven weeks ago. They were 19. Their grief is palpable. It was in their voice, their words and their eyes and especially their tears. There are too many of these stories out there to hear. This isn't just another "day" to add to the calendar. being aware of the messages, taking them seriously, putting them in to practice can save a life. Ask the question, tell your story, ask for help. We can all do something.

TIMBA Perth Producer Izzy Larkins and our wonderful volunteers

Our first rehearsal has been held for our Perth show. We are very proud of our Perth cast and that they have chosen to get up on stage and tell their stories to help break the stigma. Tickets for our show on the 28th October are available at

Introducing Perth cast member Tandi Kuwana

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. (where are you from, family, hobbies) Zimbabwean born and only girl in a family of 3. married with 2 kids. Enjoy reading biographies and memoirs. 2. How has mental illness affected your life? A situational crisis left me depressed and anxious. Having worked in mental health services I had insight into my mental state and had to fight my own stigma against mental illness. I found myself experiencing symptoms I had only seen in the patients I had looked after. I knew what was happening to me and was reluctant to admit I had depression because that would be contradictory to the beliefs I held about myself. Even though I know that it is a mental illness,

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