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Films that
provide an inspiring voice for social justice/ defend human rights/ portray positive contributions/fight stigma/defy stereotypes

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Find that Local Hero who is/are (can be an organisation)
doing outstanding work in the area of mental health
and wellbeing in the Canberra region
Be it an animation, a drama, or a doco etc.
we are looking for the best story,
not necessarily the best film production.
Even if it is made on your phone or an old camcorder we want your film to celebrate the wonderful work done in the local area.
The Local hero winner will win $500 and the Local Hero trophy.
Submissions are now open and close in September and films will be shown on October 9th at the CIMHFF live screenings and the winner will also be added to our International Online Festival in November
Find a hero ( they are usually wearing a cape) and get film making!

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