Introducing Perth cast member Sharn Peskett

Hi, I'm Sharn Peskett and I come from a sheep station up north in the Murchison Region. I'm 26 and have lived in Perth for ten years, though I am a country girl through and through. I am the second youngest in a family of six.

There's my mum Lynda, my dad Leith, older sister Jodi, older brother Ben and the newest member of our family, Azarlie, who is five and who keeps us all very busy! And then there is my partner Chris, who has stuck by me through the impossible and who is always there to catch me when i fall. I love them all very much and wouldn't be here without them.

My mental illness has affected my life hugely and has basically shaped the last ten years of my life. It has severely limited my options in life and continues to control much of who I am and what I do. I wanted to be a part of This is My Brave, because I want the chance to share my story and to help change the stigma that surrounds mental illness. I want to use this opportunity to spread awareness and help people understand the struggle experienced by so many because of mental illness.

My main inspiration is my little sister, Azarlie. She keeps me going when times are tough. And when I'm feeling low, it is the thought of leaving her that keeps me alive. She is my strength.

I want people to go away after the show and really think about what they've heard. I want people to really listen and to try to understand that life doesn't come easy to everyone and that those people need as much understanding and compassion as you have to give them. Because in the end, we are all human. And everyone deserves to be heard, understood and respected.

Mental illness should be a hurdle to be overcome, not a barrier to a fulfilling life. And together, we can jump that hurdle and hopefully, leave the stigma surrounding mental illness far behind us.