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Grass roots and community.

A well known organisation that funds overseas research travel to bring back much needed information and best practice activities across a wide range of fields to Australia has just announced the over 100 travel grants they have granted across Australia this year.

Not one involved mental health research. (TIMBA did not submit an application)

Is this the outcome of increased mental health awareness in the community where the public think that increased awareness means that more $$$ than ever are being pumped into essential mental health services?

Unfortunately awareness does not equate to increased funding. Much like a certain economic theory used by some political parties, money that is poured in the top does not trickle down into the community.

The mental health system is a mess, both systemically and financially. Grass roots organisations all around Australia help fill the gaps on the ground in the communities where statistics and reports mean nothing if there is no mental health support services available to them when they are needed.

It is World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

Please think about helping out grass roots organisations who can have an immediate affect on someone's life in your community!