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Jacqueline looks back on her experience as a TIMBA cast member

"I feel a deeper sense of peace and joy embracing my life."

"I was lucky enough to hear about T.I.M.B.A from the counsellor I see. It was exactly what I had been looking for so I could share my story.

I was at a point in my journey where the legacy of incest/ grooming was weighing me down so much, it pushing me more and more into suicide ideation.

Joining the Brave cast I was able to start getting rid of this burden by telling my story regardless of what any one thought. Brave gave me the opportunity to do this and break the deafening silence that surrounded the incest I had experienced.

Brave also gave me the opportunity to connect with other peers, to share and support each other through this process. We also were given the most extraordinary support crew who were with us from the auditions right through till the day of the performance.

I have found that Brave has also given me the chance to get some healthy distance from my story including the shame and blame of the incest. It has taken my emotional strength and stability up quite a few notches and I feel a deeper sense of peace and joy embracing my life.

A very unexpected consequence of being a member of My Brave, was receiving validation regarding the incest, from my Mum, for the first time in our relationship. This has helped lift the suicide ideation significantly!!!

As you can probably tell I don't have anything but praise for this organisation and I encourage anyone to have a go and experience the challenge and joy that My Brave can bring to your life."

This Is My Brave Australia Inc. is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

ABN 28 892 123 669

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