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Talk about 3318

There hasn’t been much talk about the release of the ABS Cause of Death statistics for intentional self-harm (suicide) 2019 released on 23/10/2020.

Let’s talk figures for a second.

3318 deaths from self-harm 2019

Apart from Qld who had a decrease of -2, all states increased from 2018

Median age at death 44

Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL) 115,221

Next highest YPLL, heart disease 78,052 (which has a median age at death of 84)

Men are still firmly at 75% of the total.

These figures tell us many things apart from how do we stop the loss of 115,000 years of life we and families and friends are losing annually.

One thing I do know is if a community talks about its problems openly without fear of stigma or discrimination then these conversations spawn many more and and an open dialogue attracts solutions sometimes from the least expected areas.

Talk to people in your community about this figure of 3318 deaths from self-harm, discuss it openly, make talking about it a priority, don’t make it a topic we never talk about, By you talking about it, it gives others permission to talk about it too.

Tim Daly

Executive Officer

This Is My Brave Australia Inc.