Too much talk is never enough!

Whilst talking live on radio is not something some of us do everyday, when the opportunity arises and especially to talk about mental health, the opportunity is too good to miss. In my case it is not to have the pleasure of hearing my dulcet tones over the airwaves ( like most I am not a fan of my own voice ) but it is to further the TIMBA game plan to break the stigma surrounding mental health by talking about it freely and openly and with out fear of censure and not condemning it to something that is talked about behind closed doors only.

The recent issue surrounding professional tennis player Naomi Osaka is a case in point. The condemnation Naomi faced when she chose not to front the press at the recent French Open and " had released a statement last Wednesday stating her intention to skip her media obligations during Roland Garros because of the effects of her interactions with the press on her mental health" was staggering. The reaction to this was a $15,000 fine and a warning she could face expulsion not to mention the pile on from social media about her being a "precious little rich girl" and " she signed a contract so has to honour her commitment" or "if she is not up to it then get out of the game"

With the general public seeing this reaction to someone trying to care for their mental health, it does not bode well for any community member to put their hand up and say they will be taking action to preserve or better their mental health by withdrawing from situations that may make it worse.

One of the tenets of improving mental health is self care but if someone is too worried about what the reaction will be then that is stigma taking hold

and becomes an obstacle to improving mental health. Early intervention is

crucial for "mental fitness" (thanks Michael) and a stepping stone to a productive and fulfilling life which everyone deserves. #storytellingsaveslives

Tim Daly Executive Director This Is My Brave Australia Inc.